Sunday, March 28, 2010


Have you seen the movie Avatar?
Today was a perfect day to watch a movie - rainy Sunday.
I stopped by at the donut store to grab snack before heading to the theater. It is 160 minutes after all, and I did not want to get hungry during the movie. Simple old fashion with coffee. There were many families having their Sunday breakfast there. Since it is close to Easter (I think it is next Sunday), girls tend to wear very pretty dresses - maybe it was on the way to church.
On the way to the shop, I took this picture. I think I posted a few weeks ago, and it is how it looks now. Beautiful isn't it?
Movie was quite entertaining. 3D really works, even though I did not care that much about the story line. I don't know that was actually acted or all CG? Do you know?
Anyway, after sitting in a dark room for a long time, obviously I was hungry. I did know where to go - Korean place AGAIN.
But this time I did not order something typical. I asked a waiter - nice Korean girl, and she recommended short rib soup... It was really good - not too spicy so you can enjoy the side dishes more... It looks a lot, and it was a lot, but everything, I mean everything came to my stomach... I guess I don't eat dinner tonight.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smell the Spring or...

Another (and could be the last) weekend in Seattle.
Decent weather - no rain with blue sky (there is always layer of crowds between me and the sun in Seattle) and in low 60s. Started my day with the donuts AGAIN... It is not fair that they have outlet so close to my hotel.
I drove to one of Seattle's neighborhoods -south of Green Lake, to have a Cuban sandwich AGAIN. As I said last time, it is so good and you can't pass it. I arrived there a bit passed noon, so the line was longer than last time. Waiting for 15-20 minutes, my number was called, so I grabbed the sandwich with a lot of napkins. I headed to the park close to this place - just south of Green Lake. There was a picnic table, so I ate it there - so nice to be out, even though I have allergy.
I drove the car to another park located just south of U of W, where I have been once years back. It was the peak of cherry blossom and magnolia. Magnolia is one of my favorite flowers, maybe because my home had a few when I grew up. You can smell the flowers these day when you go outside. I had a bad allergy in NYC, but  it is not too bad here. I heard that the mixture with the other things triggers the allergy not just trees or flowers, so if you move around the cities, you might not need to feel the allergy...


Something about Seattle

There are several famous things in Seattle, but this is one of them. Yup there are many bus not in Seattle actually but in Bellevue - next city to Seattle. There is a huge campus with multiple buildings. I guess people take this kind of bus from home to the office and between the office buildings as well.
Yesterday, I met up my friend for dinner in one of Seattle neighborhoods. It is a french place and they serve crepe mainly. yup crepe. no picture of food. mine was crepe with ham and sunny side up eggs. it was pretty good.
At least I have a picture of the restaurant.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue Sky Weekend

I WAS in New York this weekend, even though I am writing this in Seattle after taking 6 hours flight this afternoon.
It was early summer like weather New York this weekend by hitting lower 70s on Saturday. We tried well known hot dog stand. It has been very popular and for some reason the building is Chinese ish... Look at the line - people have been looking for this warm weather to go outside and eat hot dog.
After feeding ourselves, we headed to beach - not sure it is beach but... you can see long island and the area's house could go for over $10 million. I think I got some sun tan this weekend. People in Seattle might be envy since it is still kind of rainy season here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Round of Eating

Ok, even after eating pig (Cuban sandwich), I was already hungry this morning.
Even before taking a shower, I put some clothes on and headed to Top Pot, just a couple of blocks away. After browsing the selection, I decided to go with maple glazed old fashion along with cinnamon sugar ring and chocolate old fashion. Yes, three donuts. Actually I was not able to finish three for breakfast so the left over will be my mid day snack or tomorrow's breakfast. At the counter, one lady was smiling, and I was not sure why, but I recognized that she was the one helped me select 14 donuts on Friday.
I thought I would try a burger place I wanted to go, but it was a bit too much to eat after TWO donuts, so I decided to go to a Korean - I know I was eating pork again and a lot... This place is not really good but decent... better than Japanese served by Korean or Chinese.
Don't worry I went to the gym in between the meals so I can eat them without ANY guilt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny Saturday in Seattle

After a few days of typical rainy days in Seattle, it is a great sunny day today.
While walking around the town, I think I found cherry blossoms - does this mean it is warmer than Japan? I don't see them till mid or later in April in NYC, so I guess it is at least warmer here.
I have been eager to try this place - Cuban place in Seattle. Cuban in Seattle, yes, in Seattle. These two did not go together in my mind, but it exceeded my dream - I have to say it was one of the best sandwiches my mouth has tasted. Crunchy toasted breach with spicy mayo smeared. Caramelized onion along with hot pepper. And of course pork shoulder chunks. O.M.G. moment. I need to come back here sometime soon again. There was already line even I arrived there before noon.
To wash my mouth, I needed sweets. I looked up the web and found this home made ice cream place. I have one close by (I have posted the entries a few times), but this new place has very interesting flavors - balsamic vinegar strawberry and salted caramel. I have never tested this kind of ice cream - bit more creamier than the other place with some serious sophistication. Not sure I can (should) eat dinner tonight...

Working in Seattle

Yup, I am back in Seattle working.
This is typical lunch when I am working at the office - salad. My coworker said to me that I was eating rabbit food. I know it does look like rabbit food, but it is not too bad, really.
Sometimes I need to have some treat - like doughnuts. Not just any doughnut, but this kind of one. I was planning to buy dozen of them, but ended up buying 14... I don't tell how many of them came to me, but they were really good and my coworkers were nicer than usual to me today. I wonder why...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend in Brooklyn Heights

It was one of the best weekend in terms of weather this weekend. In mid 50s, not too bad as early March and after having over a foot of snow one week ago.
As usual, our Saturday was spent in the park - you can still see the snow covering the grasses but at the same time you might be able to see the people wearing shorts/t-shirt playing football or something.
After spending a couple of hours at the park, we stop by at Fairway market for dinner - steak... Actually before the shopping, we stopped by at Baked (yes again) to buy some snack with coffee. I bought some coffee layered candy bar, which was good, and took this picture, where you can see the statue of liberty.
Bone-in Rib eye steak looked really good, so we decided to go for this.
Look how bit this piece is. Here is before cutting into pieces and after the serving. Not to feel guilty, we ate it with brown sweet rice, along with vegetable Nimono - Japanese stew.