Sunday, August 30, 2015

Malmo Three

Italian lunch at a famous square with a glass of local beer.
Moomin items are all over even it is from Finland. They really reminded me my childhood memories.
Train's interior was very Scandinavian too.

Malmo Two

The old town is like this. Less tourists maybe because it is Sunday and not many shops were open.

Day Trip to Malmo

30 minutes train ride brought us to this 3rd biggest city in Sweden, not Denmark.
The guy at the front desk suggested to visit as he is from there.
The tallest building in Scandinavia. It is 90 degrees twisted.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekend in Copenhagen Six

Pizza dinner in upcoming meatpacking district. Literally these restaurants are in the buildings used for meatpacking years ago. More local than any other places we went today.

Weekend in Copenhagen Five

The most expensive opera house. It is unique but is it that unique?
Swimming competition in the canals. Surprisingly clean warter underneath.

Weekend in Copenhagen Four

I think this is the most iconic place here. Colorful buildings were originally for fishing boat but now they are all converted to restaurant. So many people.

Weekend in Copenhagen Three

When you are in Copenhagen, you have to visit this flagship store. The lady was painting the dish live.

Weekend in Copenhagen Two

Lunch at a market where many food stores are located. Traditional open sandwiches of chicken salad and herring.

Weekend in Copenhagen One

After the work in Amsterdam, we took a evening fright to Copenhagen for a long weekend.
It took less than one hour. We started our walking tour and so far these are the highlights. Denish store owned by Japanese. Interesting story behind it.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekend in Dusseldorf Four

After drink and some snacks at the lounge, we headed outside to enjoy the sunset.
Older cars were near by close to this famous apartmtnt. The same architect designed much bigger scale building in NYC.

Weekend in Dusseldorf Three

Many sport cars in front of the hotel. No security won't happen in the US.

Weekend in Dusseldorf Two

Stopped by a famous bakery to buy bread and headed to over 380 old restaurant.
German beer and some local dishes.