Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another Japanese

As it is snow, I gave up to walk to eat something. Instead I drove to this place for lunch. Do you see some green color? I am eating something good too.

Dinner at A Japanese Restaurant

A bit of drama last night. I could not park the car at the hotel so I went to this Japanese restaurant to kill some time. Vegetables and fish dishes before eating ramen noodle. Still healthy side I believe.


It has been really cold in Amsterdam. I don't think it has hit above the freezing mark yet. On the way to a remote location on Wednesday. All trees had ice covered.

Snow Saturday

It is snow outside and no in the mood to go outside today. Need to eat at some point plus the forecast says that it is getting better this afternoon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Italian in the Bronx

Our first go out dinner was at our favorite in this area. We started with grilled octopus on the green and I had this today's special.
Both dishes were really nice and we finished most of them, but the other entree got a doggy bag.